Meet Stendard

The team at Stendard are strong advocates of quality business practices. We believe in supporting companies on their ISO certification journey, and work to encourage that.

With insight built on more than 10 years of regulatory and consulting experience in the medical industry, we have been, since 2016, internationally involved with more than 200 medical device companies working to attain the ISO 13485 certification.

We strive to continually innovate and create solutions to address compliance needs of every company with the Stendard Solution™.


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The pain and frustration we are solving.

We know the importance of globalisation. It is the deciding factor whether we remain as a startup, SME or grow to become way larger.

When globalisation happens, how do we constantly assure our global client that our product/service quality remains high? The answer to this is ISO certification. However, most of us fear to adopt standards because it takes up a lot of time, resources and money to implement! That's why Stendard's role is to lower this barrier of entry and encourage globalisation! It is really not as frightening as you think!  

Stendard understands the pain and frustration of setting up an ISO system.

Our management started off their entrepreneurship journey setting up ISO Certificates after ISO Certificates for companies, which are extremely manual and time consuming.

We felt that this should not be the norm, and vowed to improve it using technology. With that, Stendard was born.

Stendard is your solution to all compliance needs, starting from our first innovative engine as an ISO document creator - The Stendard First.

The Co-founders


Jason Lim

// CEO & Co-founder


Vincent Lim

// CTO & Co-founder


Corporate Advisory Board


Mr Lee Suan Hiang

// Advisor

Mr Lee Suan Hiang, a Colombo Plan Scholar in Industrial Design (Engineering), had a varied career in public service as Deputy Managing Director of the Economic Development Board and Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore, National Productivity Board and Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research before his retirement in 2011. During those periods, he was also Chairman of PSB Corporation and Council Member of the International Standards Organisation.

He now serves as the President of the EDB Society and continuously remains passionate in activities that raises productivity and, encourages standardisation and globalisation of Singapore companies.