Featured in Tech In Asia

It’s good to have standards, as anyone with a meticulously filled dating profile will tell you. In the case of companies making products like medical devices, standards are life-saving.
— Michael Tegos, Tech In Asia

The entire Stendard Team is greatly humbled by this opportunity to be featured in such a well written article and will continue to do our best to create the best product in this direction.

For those who are wondering what Stendard actually does, here it goes:

Stendard is a cloud based software that simplifies the process for medical device companies to fulfil international regulations, such as ISO 13485 and US FDA 21 CFR, before products are approved for commercialisation.

Conventionally, such work is performed manually and is very time-consuming. Stendard is the first to help small businesses achieve compliance in a fast, convenient, scalable and affordable manner.

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