Addressing Food Safety Issues: Stendard Solution™ for ISO 22000:2018 to Be Launched!

Food safety is a huge concern for all, these days. With the recent spate of food poisoning cases in Singapore and regionally, this matter has been highlighted.

Still, one might question: What makes the difference between a restaurant that had to close down for good, and another that could continue after checks by the authorities?

It is no longer the situation where consumers will simply trust a big enough business or brand. Nowadays, consumers pay much attention to identify if the restaurants or caterers focus on serving quality and safe food, before deciding to have their meals or engaging their catering services. This assurance usually comes in the form of a certificate which shows that the company understands the importance of establishing processes to ensure food safety. This could be a HACCP certification, which is known as SS444:2018 in Singapore, or the international food safety management standard ISO 22000:2018, besides other basic food hygiene/safety related standards.

The ISO 22000:2018 is a set of guidelines and requirements for food safety management, specific to the food industry. With this standard, companies can detail their steps to take in various situations, to ensure the quality of food produced or handled, from farm to fork.

Still, knowing the guidelines and requirements is one thing. Taking that knowledge and applying it is another.

Companies have traditionally been deterred from getting certified because of the hassle associated with it – be it detailing their planned steps as SOPs or tidying up operational processes to ensure proper execution of planned practices.

Now, a digital solution is available to reduce this hassle!

The Stendard Solution™ consists of Stendard First™ and Stendard Flow™.

Stendard First™ is a smart virtual assistant to automate the customisation of the required set of documents for certification purposes. Having these documents produced allows for immediate implementation, which cuts short the timeline required for certification.

Stendard Flow™ is a multi-user cloud-based collaborative platform to ensure sustained implementation of quality practices, with functions such as automated document version-control, the option of e-signature approval, and more.

Tested and tried in the Medical Industry, where strict QMS practices are mandatory and observed. this solution would be just as beneficial for the Food industry!

Stendard Solution™ is available for SS 444:2018 and in a few days, we will be launching for ISO 22000:2018. Watch this space!