ISO 13485:2016 - Medical Devices Quality Management System Training is Now Online!

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If you're looking to get the ISO 13485: 2016, we have good news for you! 

Our team at Stendard has come up with an online course to provide this training for you, at your convenience!

Getting trained and having a good understanding of its requirements is necessary in order to effectively implement the standard to your business and get certified.

Now you don't need to worry about any limitations or not having the time to come and get a training. With this, you can schedule and enjoy learning at your own pace and space. Get trained from your desk at home or at your office, anytime possible!

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What you can gain from this course: 

  • Concepts of ISO 13485:2016 (Clause by clause walk-through)

  • Appreciate the use of ISO 13485:2016 as the basis of Medical Device regulations worldwide 

  • Practical application of the standards to SOPs

Now Available on Udemy!