Can you create your QMS from scratch in 30 minutes?

Last month, we were approached by Monir El Azzouzi of Easy Medical Device. He wanted to find out more about how medical device companies can easily create a Quality Management System (QMS), and had discovered Stendard!

While halfway across the world from us, he and many others, realised that medical device companies anywhere in the world can smoothly create their QMS from scratch. We, of course, are glad to share more about our solution to help companies start their QMS implementation!

First, to learn.

In this podcast, Jason shares 5 Steps to Creating a QMS. Straightforward and simple, especially given digitalisation of the process, any one can easily learn how a QMS is set up:

Then, with a Challenge…

Furthermore, we got Monir to take up a challenge of creating a QMS from scratch in 30 minutes!

Of course, he passed, no problem!

If you haven’t gotten around to trying it out for yourself, watch him in action!

Starting with your QMS implementation can be a breeze!