[MEDIA RELEASE] Stendard partners SQI to raise standards for sectors identified in the Singapore Industry Transformation Map

Partnership with Singapore Quality Institute

Left to right: Vincent Lim (CTO & Co-founder, Stendard), Jason Lim (CEO & Co-founder, Stendard), G.E. Tan (Chairman, SQI), Heikal Yusope (Deputy Executive Director, SQI)

Singapore - 27 July 2019 - Stendard has signed an MOU with the Singapore Quality Institute (SQI) to raise quality and standards for key sectors, as identified by the Singapore Industry Transformation Map (ITM).

This partnership will enable SQI and Stendard to offer a total solution in enabling quality processes in any organisation from training to consultancy to the improvement of quality processes, procedures and documentation via e-systems.

Partnership Focus

With the series of government initiatives to develop sectors identified in the ITM and Smart Nation programmes, the implementation of quality standards play an important role in uplifting the capabilities of Singapore’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in achieving these goals.

A robust system of standards and established procedures mean that SMEs are better able to streamline their business processes, deliver consistent products and services. Most importantly, they are able to respond more swiftly to capture market opportunities. Implementation of standards is typically identified by SMEs as a major challenge rather than a competitive advantage, largely due to the insufficient understanding of its advantages, and concerns about expenses that may be incurred to develop the necessary documentation.

To overcome this challenge that SMEs face, Stendard has developed Stendard Solution™ to help companies set up and maintain their quality processes and documents with ease through a smart Question and Answer bot.

Mr Jason Lim, CEO & Co-founder, Stendard

Mr Jason Lim, CEO & Co-founder, Stendard

Difficulties for SMEs

According to Jason Lim, CEO and Co-founder of Stendard, "the conventional path to adopt a quality standard (such as ISO) is to appoint an external consultant which is costly and time-consuming as they need to understand the company’s operations before they can develop the required set of documents for audit purposes. We recognise this as the major stumbling block for SMEs and today, with the use of our platform, these customised documents can be prepared in less than one day”.

Focusing on the Student Care Sector

Mr G.E. Tan, Chairman, SQI

This is in line with the mission of SQI, which is to be a World Class Centre for Advancing, Learning and Sharing Knowledge on Quality and its Best Practices. SQI is today championing quality initiatives both in the region and worldwide through networking and collaboration with other international quality organisations.

"With a fast track record of developing training programs for quality professionals, our partnership with Stendard will focus on deploying quality and implementing standards for key sectors, such as the Student Care sector, where we will be able to offer a holistic solution in facilitating training, implementing and auditing of standardised processes across all student care centres, which are crucial elements to ensuring well-being, safety and security of young students”, said Mr G.E. Tan, Chairman of SQI.


SQI Quality Day 2019

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in the presence of many Quality and Standard industry experts on a very special occasion of SQI Quality Day 2019.

During the event, 3 masterclasses were also hosted by industry experts, on topics relating to implementing QA practices, good design thinking and effective quality leadership into an organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS). With more than 200 attendees from the Quality and Standard industry, and participants sharing about difficulties they face in implementing and managing good QMS in their organisations, it was an insightful event for all who attended.

Press Release

Download the PDF copy of the press release for this partnership and MOU signing:

Event Photographs

Photograph Credits to SQI Marketing Team and Stendard.

About Stendard

Quality is everyone’s business because it takes a team to consistently deliver and uphold great standards that build confidence with customers, partners and the community. Stendard develops an enterprise software that helps businesses implement international standards, streamline business processes across the organisation and accelerate global growth. Our vision is to put quality at the center of your business and make it easier.

Today, more than 200 companies in the MedTech and Food industries from Korea, Germany, Australia, India and Singapore are successfully using Stendard Solution™ as part of their ISO certification, saving time and money.

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About Singapore Quality Institute (SQI)

Singapore Quality Institute (SQI), previously known as Singapore Quality and Reliability Association (SQRA), was formed in 1971 under the encouragement of the then Minister for Finance, Mr Hon Sui Sen, who assembled a group of people led by Dr Lee Kum Tatt, past chairman of SISIR, to establish SQRA. After making significant progress over 17 years, in January 1988, an Ad-Hoc Committee was formed to examine the possibility of constitutional change to transform the association into a professional institute. The members during the Extraordinary General Meeting on 24 February 1989 approved the proposed constitutional change. On 5 July 1989, the Registry of Society approved the change of name from SQRA to SQI as well as the changes in the constitution to reflect the new professional image. SQI now operates as a non-profit professional institute that promotes and advances excellence in the field of quality in Singapore; and actively champions quality initiatives in the region and around the world through networking and collaborating with other international quality organisations. SQI is presently a World Partner of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Korean Standards Association (KSA); and a Board Member of both the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) and the World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ). SQI is managed by an Executive Council, which comprises of 17 members drawn from a wide cross-section of its member companies, organisations and individuals.