[Event] Identifying your gaps in the new EU MDR with Stendard and MT Promedt

How is this session going to help me?

Many changes have been introduced with the new EU MDR and IVDR - from the appointment of a Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC), to preparation of new Technical Documentation, to specific Post Market Clinical Follow-up required, and more! Our recent blog posts have focused on these topics to keep you updated and well-informed about this major industry adjustment.

Still, nothing beats getting an expert opinion for yourself.

We are excited to arrange for you to meet with Mr. Jason Lim, CEO of Stendard and Mr. Clemens Mohr, Director of European Regulatory Affairs at MT Promedt Consulting GmbH (Germany) in person! With decades of experience between them in supporting clients to successfully placing their medical device in the EU market, they will be able to address your questions and concerns regarding the new EU MDR.

You can gain insightful advice during your exclusive 1-hour long session, as we dive deep into your regulatory plan and transition timeline, for an in-depth discussion on ensuring your business continuity within the EU market.

The Event Information

Venue: NUS Enterprise@BLOCK71, 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-01, Singapore 139951

Price: FREE

Time: 1 hour allocated to you during this one-day event. Express your interest now!


Who will be there?

// Mr Clemens Mohr
Director European Regulatory Affairs

MT Promedt Consulting GmbH
EU Authorised Representative

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// Mr Jason Lim
CEO & Co-founder

PRRC, Certified QMS Consultant

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How do I express interest in the event?

If you are interested in attending, do drop us your contact information before 4th September 2019!

Do note that attendance to the event is based on an invitation extended, after you have expressed your interest in attending. This is due to the limited number of time slots available. We appreciate your understanding as we look to ensure that participants can enjoy a focused session for the full hour.

To avoid disappointment, please contact us as early as possible.