Document Generator

Method 1: Smart virtual assistant for accelerated and accurate document creation


Smarter way to QMS Documentation

One-stop generate, customise and review services included.

Stendard Solution™ includes a smart generator that helps your organisation create a Quality Management System structure (Manual, SOPs, Work Instruction and Forms) to meet certifiable standards.

With an intuitive Question & Answer interface, questions are accompanied by layman hints, explanations and guidance for an accurate form-filling experience.

From the answers that you provide, a fully customised set of documents is produced. This can be exported in DOCX or PDF format, and you may modify them as you see fit.

The current record for generating an enterprise’s documentation from scratch is 30 minutes, as opposed to 6-8 weeks’ worth of manual creation.




Method 2: Quick starter packs (General templates)

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Quick starter packs download

Download and venture off into the QMS compliance journey

Alternatively, you can begin with our quick starter packages by downloading the templates. Do note that this is recommended for companies/individuals who like the “Do-It-Yourself (DIY)” approach:

  • Select the respective package of templates that you prefer,

  • Customise the individual document content as you like,

  • Document reviewing or any other services are not included, unless requested.

*Library: File storage for your private enterprise needs

Ease of file storage

  • Just a drag-drop action and our platform will do the rest.

  • Have complete freedom to upload, download, manage file version, set permission control, send for approval and manage version control, inline with your regulatory needs.

  • Documents generated via our Smart Virtual Assistant (Method 1) can be seamlessly pushed into Library storage for easy handling, maintenance and version control in one-click.

  • Have your own set of QMS documents? Zip them up as a package, drag it in and experience how easy you can manage them via Stendard Solution™.

Electronic signature approval function

  • Draft set of documents produced/uploaded through the system must be finalised and approved by your team, for official implementation. This can now be done seamlessly via Stendard Solution™.

  • Expedite your approval process and remove the need for hardcopy documentation. When it’s your turn, the system sends email prompts and you approve them on the go.

  • Set the frequency of reminders and receive notifications via email and desktop browser for the incomplete task.

Automated document-version control

  • Documents can be maintained in an orderly fashion as amendments and comments made by all team members can be kept updated in the system.

  • Stendard Solution™ serves as a depository of all your historical documents, allowing you to trace changes made, as necessary.

  • Digitisation of QMS practices that allows ease of records retention, based on timeline and expectation that meet regulatory requirements.

Security features

  • Strict security protocol and regular backup over storage of all files belonging to each enterprise.

  • Platform is designed based on industrial standards and certified to ISO 80002-2:2017 by TÜV Rheinland.

*Workflow Management: Manage your enterprise’s internal processes with automatic routing system

With our automated routing system, get access to more than 10 existing industries’ best practice workflows recommended for your direct application. Recommended workflows closely emulate the processes stated and required by standards and regulations.

With the help of our in-house consultant, customise any of the steps and make it suit your enterprise’s existing practices. Examples of existing industries’ best practices provided:

  • Document & Record Approval Process

  • Design and Development,

  • Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA)

  • Non-Conformance Reporting

  • Supplier Evaluation

  • Verification & Validation

  • Audit Rectifications

  • Risk Management

  • Hiring and Training Process,

  • Minutes of Meeting,

  • Software Update and Release,

  • Purchasing, and many more.

* Library and Workflow Management modules are currently only available for enterprise clients. If you are interested to schedule a demonstration, please contact us.