Great features that changes how you handle compliance

Compliance to any forms of standards (not limiting to ISO certifications) does not have to be time-consuming and mind-boggling, not if Stendard is taking care of your compliance needs. 



+ Question & Answer Interface

Our dedicated team digests all related content and breaks them down into intuitive Question & Answer (Q&A) forms, paired with layman hints, explanations and guidance.

With our software algorithm, rest assure that only applicable questions would be asked. Your task is easy, just answer to your best knowledge and we will do the rest.



+ Document Management & Scope

For each certification, our international patent-pending engine automatically summarises your organisation's focus into a complete certification scope - ensuring that your compliance journey starts right.

With scoping completed, Stendard First decides on the required documentation and caters perfectly to multi-level documentations like the Quality Management System ISOs, like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and etc.



+ Customised Documentation

Unlike unvalidated templates online, every single document is validated by industrial experts, consultants and auditors to ensure the highest level of conformance in our documentation.

Manual, procedures, policies, forms and checklists, every single document that is generated through Stendard is customised completely to your organisation's focus. Manage your timeline better by implementing, not creating document from scratch.



+ Industry Best Practices

Stendard continually works with consultants to iterate our documentations, in order to maintain the highest standard of quality and applicability.

Each of these consultants have decades worth of experiences and is fully equipped with the know-how of industry best practices. With these valuable input, Stendard First is able to reflect our documentation with some of the best practices available.



+ Editing Feature

Notice any error in your answer? Head back into the platform to make your edit to the questions & answers segment and regenerate a correct copy again.

The in-built editing feature of Stendard also permits you to make edits to the document wordings, if there are any personal preferences or organisational requirements.



+ Reviewing & Approval

The user-friendly interface allows quick and easy reviewing of each documents, making cross-checking and approval a breeze. Not confident to review some documents?

Our exclusive consultant access screen allows assigned consultants to remotely access and make modifications to document or head straight into reviewing & approval on behalf of your team.



+ Export Package Instantly

With just a click, send the entire set of documents for your own storage. Included within the package are the manual, procedures, policies, working forms, checklist, summary list and instruction sheets - All fully customised to your organisation's scope of work.

Prefer to work with DOCX file? Send a request and we will export the same set of documents in DOCX file format.



+ User Manual

Feeling lost at any point along the Stendard journey? Look for the user manual icon in the navigation bar and get access to the library of technical instructions, content and explanations.



+ Mobile Responsive Access

Built with the user in mind, we have designed and tested Stendard First to fit major browsers, phones and tablets.

Get full access to Stendard and work on your compliance journey any where, any time.