Great features that change how you handle compliance

Compliance to any certification standard is no longer time-consuming and mind-boggling.

Stendard helps you meet your compliance needs. 


The Stendard Solution™


+ Smart Virtual Assistant for document generation

  • Stendard Solution™ includes a smart generator that helps your organisation create a Quality Management System structure (Manual, SOPs, Work Instruction and Forms) to meet certifiable standards.
  • With an intuitive Q&A interface, questions are accompanied by layman hints, explanations and guidance.
  • From the answers that you provide, a fully customised set of documents is produced. This can be exported in DOCX or PDF format, and you may modify them as you see fit.


+ Comprehensive platform for ease of QMS implementation

  • The draft set of documents produced through the system must be finalised and approved by your team, for official implementation. This can be done on the Stendard Solution™ platform.
  • Digitisation of QMS practices which only serves to enhance implementation and compliance by your organisation.



  • Increase your productivity as multiple team members can access the platform remotely, to perform their various responsibilities and maintain QMS practices.
  • User Permissions Control is available you to manage your team's QMS responsibilities.



  • To expedite your approval process and remove the need for hardcopy documentation, the system sends email prompts to, and recognises assigned signatories.


+ Automated Document-Version Control

  • Your documents can be maintained in an orderly fashion as amendments and comments made by all team members can be kept updated in the system.

  • Stendard Solution™ serves as a depository of all your historical documents, allowing you to trace changes made, as necessary.




  • Internal and external audits can be planned for and scheduled in advance on Stendard Solution™. Notifications may be sent to relevant personnel, to best coordinate efforts to stay compliant.
  • Your preparation for audits is supplemented by audit checklists within the system. Structured as a clause-by-clause checklist, it serves as a comprehensive check to ensure compliance.
  • Should any rectification be required, the appropriate personnel can be tasked through the system to address the issue and keep the team updated on the investigation done and resolution made.

To obtain and maintain your Certification!