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Introductory Video for SS 620:2016 (GDPMDS)

About Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

If you are storing, trading and distributing medical devices, you would have probably heard of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) before. While it differs slightly between different countries, it usually serves as a guide on the QMS for the handling, storage, delivery, installation, servicing, secondary assembly and other related activities (for example, warehousing, logistics and freight forwarding services) of medical devices, including in-vitro diagnostic devices and software.

The objective of putting in place a GDP is for the assurance of the quality and integrity of the medical devices throughout the whole distribution process, therefore enhancing the confidence level and safeguarding the consumers.

About Singapore Standard SS 620:2016

The Singapore Standard SS 620:2016 – Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices - Requirements was developed by SPRING Singapore (now Enterprise Singapore) under the Singapore Standardisation Programme.

Prior to SS 620:2016, the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices was also known as the HSA GDPMDS. Starting from November 2017, both new and transition (currently certified to HSA GDPMDS) companies should begin their journey to comply with the new SS 620:2016. With its new rollout, Stendard First™has created a smart generator to help companies adhere to SS 620:2016 quickly and easily.