From design, manufacturing, testing and distribution to post-marketing activities, a well-established Quality Management System (QMS) is important for a team to consistently deliver and uphold great standards that build confidence with customers and partners.

QMS Setup

We work closely with your team to develop a QMS through Stendard, a cloud based software that helps you prepare customised documents to meet international regulations and standards. We will further align the content or additional documents together with your team to suit your business activities. 

training implementation stendard

To refer to the list of standards/regulations we have in our system, visit here.

Training and Implementation

We include a combination of online and in-person training to make sure everyone within your team understands the requirements of the regulations and standards, as well as the application of the QMS processes and documents.

We have been through many rounds of certification audits to have understood what processes best suit your company. We will have you prepared for the official audit conducted by your appointed certification bodies. 

Internal and Supplier Audit

internal supplier audit stendard

Internal audit shall be performed on a regular basis to ensure compliance to regulations and standards. With your QMS processes implemented successfully, we will perform internal audit training for the appointed internal auditors, and independent audits to help your team identify any gaps and rectify the non-compliance. 

In today’s modern world, most companies outsource some of their activities to another contract partner and keeping only their core business activities in-house. This may include processes such as design, manufacturing, assembly and transportation. Hence, a constant oversight, usually via a supplier audit of these key contractors based on the respective requirements of the regulations/standards, is important. We will walk the ground with you during these audits to ensure that their activities are compliant to your specifications and regulatory requirements.